Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Dump

Ok ok ok. I know most of you have probably spent the last week checking my page almost daily as you waited for my newest blog to appear. I'm sure more than one of you got frustrated when days began to pass with no blogs. So.... let me just go on record for saying a big I'M SORRY. Mike and I spent the last week away from Casa. We had the opportunity to see other parts of Honduras as well spend our days serving the people of this country in different ways. For the remainder of the month I promise to attempt to put up 10 or more blogs updating you on what we have been up to and exactly what God has been doing in my heart. 

Today we spent a good hour or so feeding the hundreds of people that work/live within the cities dump. I've blogged before about the conditions of the dump and just how heart wrenching that entire situation is. It still hurts me to drive in and hand out one sandwich and a bag of water to people who get most of their meals from the garbage that people like me are throwing away. It hardly seems fair or adequate. It hurts me to sit in my car and watch men, women, children, cattle, dogs, and birds not only co-existing within the same small space but also fighting over the same bags of trash. It hurts me to see their small houses or coverings that they created to shield themselves and their families.  Yet with no better solution we know that giving them something and spending time investing even an hour into their lives is better than nothing. So we sat last night making almost 300 peanut butter sandwiches. We then combined the sandwiches with a bag of water to provide "lunch" for them. 

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