Friday, August 29, 2008


Yet another last friday of the month has come and gone. For these kiddos that day doesn't just signify that another month has passed it means that they get to go visit their mommas. (at least they hope) This morning was no different. They each woke up bright and early and the first thing out of most of their mouths was "I get to visit my mom today!" So we hurried around doing morning stuff (devotional, breakfast, getting dressed, etc.) and piled in the van. We made the hour trip to the city where the moms who were coming would be waiting. As we pulled up to the gate we saw Fanny (Brayan's mom) outside waiting. The rest of the kids held their breath hoping their moms were either already inside or just running a little bit late. However, as the morning wore on it became evident that Fanny would be the only one to show. The kids did their best to mask their disappointment. It is even more sad that they seemed to be getting used to and better at dealing with their moms not showing. They've accepted the fact that most months their parents will disappoint them and instead simply savor those rare months when they do show up. 

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