Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why yes we do have lice

We are once again fighting off a lice out break. Cindy and SiSi have had it and just recently Dilcia checked my head and found a few of those critters in my hair as well. I mean I only have a few but just the knowing that there is even one of those things in my hair makes me itch uncontrollably. Oh the joys! :) In case you are wondering why the above pictures show our children with bags on their heads....... we have become quite experienced at killing lice and have found that one sure way is to soak their hair in listerine and then cover that with a bag for 2 hours. The lice literally began to suffocate and try to escape so that when you peel the bag away they are plastered to the inside of the bag! It is amazing really! 

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