Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aching Heart

It's amazing how much my heart still misses Honduras. Sometimes in my quiet times with God I ask Him if/when my heart strings will be tugged on less by that country. It isn't that I don't want to be invested's just that my heart literally aches with longing to be back there. I've come to the conclusion that the answer is never. I've been home for 18 months now and the longing is still there as strong as ever. I'm resigning to the fact that my heart will always be connected to Honduras and those precious people that I fell in love with. There are days when I wake up with Honduras on the forefront of my mind. There are days when something I see triggers a longing for Honduras that is so strong it takes my breath away. There are days that just thinking of Katty brings me to tears because of how badly my heart misses her. The emotions I feel about Honduras are stronger and more real than any emotion I've ever felt before. So today as I sit thinking of all I'm thankful for I add these sweet faces (and several others) to my list. I miss them with a strength I didn't even know existed. I'm blessed to have gotten to be a part of their lives even for a moment.

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