Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last minute decisions....

Last minute decisions are always the best decisions. On Thursday at roughly noon Colby called me to see if I wanted to go to NYC. We had talked about it off and on the week before but nothing had been decided and we hadn't really talked any more about it for a couple days so I figured we weren't going. However, that simple phone call prompted us to move forward with the planning process. By 3:00 that afternoon we had booked tickets on a bus that would take us from Virginia Beach to NYC......that bus was set to leave that very night. We had exactly 8 hours to get off work, throw some stuff in a bag, get money and snacks in order, and get on the bus!

There are many many many reasons why Addy, Colby, and I are best friends. One of those reasons happens to be our frequency in living in a very last minute world. :) I will post more pictures and stories from our adventures in NYC.

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