Sunday, November 21, 2010


I will apologize in advance for any delay in blogging that occurs this week. As you read this I'm eating a phenomenal home cooked meal with my family, watching football with my papa, playing with my nephew, loving on my sweet momma, or playing some kind of game with my sister and brother who never turn my game crazed self down when I want to play.

I'm home in Ohio for the week and it feels great. My whole body relaxes the second I walk through the door of this place I've called home for the past 25 years. My heart finds a peace here that can be found no where else.

I promise I'll blog as I can and I'll put up pictures and stories of my time at home for your enjoyment later.

In the mean time I challenge each of you to soak in the family time, food, football, and fun of the Thanksgiving week. I fully intend to eat so much this week that I'll have to wear sweat pants because my jeans won't button! :)

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