Wednesday, November 10, 2010

sick kids

3 days a week I nanny for triplets. (Mason, Ridge, and Jocelyn) I've worked for them for almost a year now. Gosh how time flies! Since their dad left 3 weeks ago I arrive at their house Tuesday morning at 8 and I stay here until 9 p.m. Thursday evening.

Last week when I arrived their mom (Jess) informed me that the boys had been sick all weekend. Before the day was over it was clear that Mason was just getting worse and a combination of no eating, vomiting, low blood sugar (he is a diabetic), etc. landed him in the hospital. I stayed with the other two kiddos while Jess stayed in the hospital with Mason for 2 days.

Yesterday when I got here all seemed fine but by the end of the day it was Ridge who was vomiting and not feeling so well. I'll spare you the details but lets just say I have a new definition of the word PROJECTILE! Ridge had not one, not two, but THREE baths today and we had to change his clothes 5 times! To make matters worse at one point when he puked Joceyln came running through right after and slipped in it.....she used her body to clean up the bulk of the mess. yuck!

I spent the entire day sanitizing toys, blankets, books, clothes and anything else they might have touched. I went through half a bottle of lysol and lots of soap. We did 7 loads of laundry and gave 6 baths to 3 children.

The whole day my thoughts went between...."This is mom stuff and I am NOT a mom!" to "Please Lord don't let me get sick too" to "Children are really gross."

Don't get me wrong I love these kiddos and hate seeing them sick. I'm super glad I was here to help....I just wish they hadn't gotten sick in the first place so I wouldn't have had to deal with the vomit!

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