Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Number 3: Ice Skate Outside

Number 3 on my list of things to do this year is Ice Skating outside. This past weekend I not only went ice skating.... I went ice skating at Rockefeller Center! I've only ever been ice skating once in my life and it was in an indoor rink during an open skate time. I HATED it. My feet and ankles hurt so badly I quit and haven't ice skated since. However, I love the holiday season and there is just something about ice skating outside that seems so holiday-ish so I figured what the heck lets try it again.....and where better to ice skate outside than the infamous Rockefeller center.

I didn't love it. My feet still felt like they were on fire. However, I didn't fall down or knock anyone else down so I'd say all in all the experience was a success! :)

I have the worlds best best-friends. :)

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